About This Piece

Sugar Plum was the first of Heather’s foals to be cast in bronze from the driftwood original. Whilst an edition of five was planned, only three were cast before the moulds were lost (until recent contact from the owner of the second cast, we had believed that the edition ended at number two). In the above photograph the bronze is in the foreground, with the driftwood original from which it was cast in the background.

Number 3 of 5 is available for immediate purchase. There will be no further casts.


  • Title: Sugar Plum
  • Medium: Bronze
  • Size: TBC
  • Weight: 250 KG
  • Date: Undated
  • Signature Status: Signed
  • Edition: 5 (moulds lost after number 3)
  • Next available #: Sold Out
  • Price: N/a.

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