Devon Open Studios


“New award to commemorate renowned sculptor Heather Jansch. A new award will commemorate Devon artist Heather Jansch who died in July. …”

My Modern Met


“Every work is impressive, whether featuring dynamic movement or the subject in repose. The proportions are very similar to their real-life counterparts. The texture and form of the driftwood only adds another level to the pieces. Incredible! …”

Lyme Online


“What an eye this lady has; every contour of a real horse is right there…”

Horse & Hound


“Heather is world famous for her sculptures of horses made from driftwood…”

Jackson Hole News & Guide


“Heather Jansch’s miniature sculptures of elephants inspired Mariam Diehl to have all of Diehl Gallery’s summer programming benefit the Elephant Crisis Fund…”

It's Nice That


“I’m always in awe of people who can draw horses. So, imagine my reverence when when I was shown Heather Jansch’s incredible body of work. A woman who can obviously not only draw beautifully, but also make life-size equine sculptures with an enviable precision and confidence…”

Design Boom


“UK artist Heather Jansch creates life size sculptures of various animals…”

The Daily Mail


“From a distance they are the embodiment of equine grace, three creatures ready to burst into a gallop across the sands…”

Web Urbanist


“The magnificent figures are so lifelike and full of energy that they seem likely to spring into movement at any moment…”

Woman's Hour


“Heather Jansch can frequently be seen walking along the beach, eyes peeled for the bits and pieces of wood that come in on the tide. Woman’s Hour joined Heather in South Devon to find driftwood material for her latest sculpture…”

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Please contact us to discuss purchasing existing work or commissioning bronze editions. Work may be seen in person at our archive by appointment only.