About This Piece

Made at Jansch’s Sedgewell Coach House studio, this is the largest of the “Dancers”, and is the sculptural descendant of the work created during the period of the Ashburton Life Group. Created from driftwood, mixed media, and objets trouvés, the dancers carry the fluidity of line typical of Jansch’s best draftsmanship, in to the third dimension. The original (pictured) is not for sale, however an edition of bronzes is available.


  • Title: Dancer No. 3
  • Medium: Driftwood, Mixed Media and Objets Trouvés
  • Size: TBC
  • Weight: TBC
  • Date: Undated
  • Signature Status: Unsigned
  • Edition: 9
  • Next available #: 1 of 9
  • Price: Original NFS. Bronze: P.O.A.

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