Where is the wide blue yonder? Is it dartmoor? Is it overseas?


MADRUGADAR available in a bronze edition of 7 measuring 5ft 6 inches high or 1.67 m


Heads are available as originals for interiors and as bronze limited editions. From £5,000.00


Small heads in bronze editions of 25.




Rara bronze.  14 x 12 x 6 inches  or 35 x 32 cm                                             Neptune. 12 x10 x 6 inches 30 x25 cm


              Sophia bronze edition of 25                                                   

  'Beethoven' bronze 14 inches x 12 x 6  edition of 25.                                     Sophia bronze edition of 25 14 inches x 12 x 6




Friesian horse heads in original driftwood by Heather Jansch



'Wonder and Shaker' Friesians. Original drifwood Horse heads 4ft  1.34m tall for sale. Also available in bronze editions of 7. 






Charger. Driftwood,cork and mixed media original 4ft tall 1.4 m.  For sale 


driftwood horse head  for bronze



























Hero  5ft high 1.52 m bronze. Edition of 8 for sale.