There she goes off with their art works and dictionaries while they're looking elsewhere.

Heads are available both as originals and as bronze limited editions. From £5,000.00



 Sentinel and Trojan approx  21 inches tall  bronze editions of 12 


Small heads in bronze editions of 25.



Rara bronze.  14 x 12 x 6 inches  or 35 x 32 cm                                     Neptune. 14 x10 x 6 inches 35 x25 cm




Sophia bronze edition of 25


Sophia bronze edition of 25 14 inches x 12 x 6




 'Beethoven' bronze 14 inches x 12 x 6  edition of 25. 


limited edition driftwood bronze horse head life size


Shugar  life-size bronze foal head.   limited edition of 9




'Charger' Horse head for bronze. 3ft 9 inches 1.14m tall.  




Recruit 3ft tall 0.92 m for sale 




'Madrugada' driftwood for bronze. 5ft 6 inches high 1.67 m



My Kingdom  5ft high 1.52 m available as a bronze edition