Would you say your driftwood horses embody the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi?






Pencil on paper 12 x16 inches or 30 cm x 40 inches. FOR SALE


Signed original Ink and pencil drawings on archival quality acid free watercolour paper.  

Also burnt/ink drawings on wood. 




Ink on paper 4 x 6 inches 10 x 15 cm  'Heartroom' for sale.







'Bondie'  4 x 6 inches 10 x 15 cm 





'Toto' 4 x 6 inches 10 x 15 cm 



Elephant child. Burnt wood 4 x 6 inches  10 x 15 cm  




'Camouflage' Burnt wood and paint 4 x 6 inches 10 x 15 cm  






A3 = 16. 5 x 11.5 inches or 420 x 279 cm

working pencil drawings red deer studies Heather Jansch


A3 Red deer pencil studies 



working drawings horses


A3 pencil original working drawing  SOLD.




Pencil A3 galloping. SOLD





A3 original drawing in pencil with favourite poem. 





Charlotte Original A3 watercolour & Ink sketch SOLD



 A3 Fable. original pencil drawing for site specific work & small sculpture.




I dream of Picasso. Contemporary Watercolour & mixed media on paper. Original.  Also available as a high quality limited edition print on acid free watercolour paper. Signed