Heather Jansch


Heather Jansch
3 August 1948 - 5 July 2021


We are sad to share with you the news that on Monday the 5th of July, Heather died peacefully at home.


Her closest friends were with her in a beautiful sunlit room surrounded by her work and vases of wildflowers picked from the garden by her son Kieron.


An appreciation and celebration of her life will shortly be posted on this site and on Heather’s Facebook Page. In addition, Heather’s enchanting new book ‘The Italian Job’ is being published and will be available at the end of July 2021.


For the moment we have suspended sales of Heather’s work, while we take the time to properly catalogue her legacy. Once complete, selected original works and the remaining bronze editions will be available for purchase. In the meantime, please be patient if you make an enquiry and find responses are slower than is usual.


If you were a friend of Heather’s and wish to attend her funeral, please contact us for the details.


If you would like to register your interest in the possibility of purchasing any of Heather’s work, please send an email to office@heatherjansch.com and we will be in touch with you in due course. 


As time moves on the website will be updated to keep her friends, collectors, and followers in touch. In the meantime what we do know is that Heather would challenge us not to dwell on our sadness but to mark her life’s achievements by stretching our individual creativity and mirroring her zest for life.


Andy Christian

13th July 2021

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